Welcome to my blog!

Many years ago, my wife approached me after work and said “Hey, I read about this thing called churning where you get deals from credit cards and use them for free travel. You wanna try it?” I was immediately enticed, and then a short time later we found ourselves traveling both domestically and around the world getting to experience incredible places and people. Our net redemptions have well exceeded $100,000+ retail over the years and we’ve continued on more passively some years and more actively others. I want to share my passion and experience in this realm with my readers so that they can embark on a profitable and fun journey of their own while making memories.

At the time we were racking up our biggest awards, many folks implored me to begin a blog like this, but there were many out there already. As the years wore on, I wanted to share my experiences and jump into the game.

My intent with this blog is to provide deals I think are really worth a look and worth doing as well as relevant tips, experiences, and destination reviews. I won’t recommend anything I wouldn’t use personally, and I will share everything from luxury high-redemption awards to passive rewards that are just regular perks of cards. I’ll also share recommendations of what I would avoid based on my experience. This blog should be useful for everything from learning about destinations and places to stay as well as save on all sorts of travel whether you are with family, traveling out of necessity, or just getting out and having adventures.

Enjoy, and I hope you find something useful.